Monday, July 01, 2013

And we are live...


It's been a few months to get us there, but the record label is in business. The website is up. And we're working on our first formal release, after re-releasing some of the old Front Porch records back catalog.

Live is good. Busy too.

Check it out:

Small Fish Records

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Record Label

Well, it had to happen sometime.....

After years of watching from the sidelines, I'm starting my own record label. It's called Small Fish Records, and for now just looks after one very small fish. No physical media, electronic distribution through outlets like Itunes and Amazon only.  Perhaps down the road we'll print vinyl and CDs, but for now the important thing is to get the music moving.

It's doing to take me a few more weeks to get the full website up and running- there's a lot to do. So, for know it's enough to be really back in the music business again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New songs?

Getting organized to teach the guys the new songs, new CD in the works for fall...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time to pack...

Ok! The weekend after next, two great shows at the Moorings Bar in Aberdeen. On Friday February 1st  it's a reunion of the old Malpaso Gang- country all the way. And then the Son Henry Band gets back for one gig at the Moorings on Saturday February 2nd.

I can't wait to get home! Started packing today, and trying to decide how best to pack lap steels and guitars into a small suitcase that the airlines can't destroy.

More gigs to follow. I'll be back in the fall for a couple of weeks of gigs in September. In the meantime, get your pirate on at the Moorings with us...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Back in Business...

In case you didn't see the schedule update, I've got three dates boooked the weekend of February 1st in the UK. I've got a couple more dates open and not afraid to drive, so if interested in talking about a gig please give me a shout!


See everyone soon-

Schedule update

Ok, gang, here is the current schedule for February:

Friday, February 1st: The Malpaso Gang at the Moorings Bar, Aberdeen

Saturday, February 2nd: The Son Henry Band at the Moorings Bar.

Sunday, February 3rd: TBA

More to follow! See y'all soon.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Friday February 1st at the Moorings Bar, Aberdeen

Wel folks, it's a one-shot deal this spring, a reunion for my old band at the Moorings in Aberdeen. We're part of a three-band billing, probably on about 10 (but check with the venue first, ok?).

Looking forward to getting back to Aberdeen and hanging with some old friends AND getting a chance to play a bit with Dino and Duncan. More gigs coming this summer now that I'm back in action so stay tuned!

Check the bar out here for the latest news:



Sunday, September 23, 2012

News from the library

Wow, what a great decision. Taking time to study, I mean. In the last week or so I've been going through Willie Brown's M&O Blues in painful detail. Painful. Detail.

Really, I should have done this years ago.

Someone recently hit me with 'but you'll be off everyone's radar screen!" So, what? I got started playing music years ago because I loved the music. Performing is secondary and I know I'll get back to it when the time is right. In the meantime I've got detail to mine in these old songs.

The fun part is translating the detail between guitars. Its great to be able to play this on an old resonator. It's even better knowing that I can take it to a gig on an electric guitar as well- potential band material down the line, or something to play along with my drum set. I like keeping my options open and knowing that the techniques, the nuances, all the detail and an even deeper level of understanding is adaptable as live moves forward.

Peace. Once more Willie Brown side and then it's off to Son House...